Dust Muzzle Ultra Dust Cowls

Universal fit dustless grinding and sanding guards or cowls for angle grinders, to buy online. Small (125 mm) model for angle grinders and disk sizes up to 125 mm. Large (200 mm) model for disk sizes to 180 mm and for fitment to 180 and 230 mm angle grinders. User can 'trim' the mounting collar to accomodate a diamond 'cup' grinding disk or a range of flat sanding disks or polishing and backing pads. More details below ...

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What's included:

  • 1x Dust Muzzle Ultra (Small will fit: 100mm, 115mm & 125mm grinders. Large will fit: 180mm & 230mm grinders.)
  • 1x Flexible adapter rings set

Lightweight, yet tough and durable, the Dust Muzzle Ultra will substantially eliminate airborne dust when connected to an appropriate dust extractor. Uniquely, only two sizes of Dust Muzzle are required to fit virtually all angle grinders.


How to fit

Flexible adapter rings are used to bridge the wide variance of collar diameters found on angle grinders. The flexible ‘fingers’ on the cowl can be trimmed to provide height adjustment for the variety of disk types and backing pads commonly used - the spacer washers can further fine-tune height adjustment

Although not essential, it is advisable to use the Dust Muzzle Adapter Hose for connecting to the main dust extractor hose, as the Dust Muzzle Hose connector is an exact fit in the Dust Muzzle extraction port.

It is advisable to secure the extraction hose to the angle grinder with the re-usable strap supplied with the Dust Muzzle. This reduces the likelihood of the Dust Muzzle bending or flexing, due to the weight of a trailing hose. This simple precaution will ensure the best possible seal between the Dust Muzzle and the work surface.