Dust Muzzle

Made from rugged polypropylene, the Dust Muzzle Ultra angle grinder dust-less cowls are suitable for less arduous grinding, sanding or polishing work. Installation is quick and easy, aided by a selection of adapter bands, which permit attachment to virtually all 115 mm, 125 mm, 180 mm and 230 mm angle grinders (4.5", 5", 7" and 9" grinders). The smaller cowl will accept disks up to 125 mm diameter; the larger up to 180 mm. Diamond cup disks, flat disks or sanding sheets (supported by a backing pad) can be fitted; the user trims the mounting collar on the dust control cowl to match their choice of grinding or sanding system.

Dust Muzzle Ultra - Large

Dust Muzzle Ultra Dust Cowls

£27.89 excl. VAT £33.47 incl. VAT

Universal fit dustless grinding and sanding guards or cowls for angle grinders, to buy online. Small (125 mm) model for angle grinders and disk sizes up to 125 mm. Large (200 mm) model for disk sizes to 180 mm and for fitment to 180 and 230 mm angle grinders. User can 'trim' the mounting collar to accomodate a diamond 'cup' grinding disk or a range of flat sanding disks or polishing and backing pads. More details below ...

180mm Turbo Grinding Disk

180 mm Turbo Diamond Grinding Disk

£64.90 excl. VAT £77.88 incl. VAT

24 segment general purpose diamond grinding turbo 'cup' disk with double-height (10 mm) diamond segments, available to buy online. Widely used for smoothing concrete, reducing screed levels in small areas, removing coatings and other surface preparation work. 

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Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner

Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner

£16.96 excl. VAT £20.35 incl. VAT

Tuff Key 4-pin flange nut spanner available to buy online. Provides more secure connection and reach than standard issue flat angle grinder spanners. Ideal for securing depressed centre diamond cup disks and for use with C-Tec Cutting and G-Tec Grinding cowls. Suitable for use with standard angle grinder flange nuts as well as custom flange nut sets provided with Sunrise Tools products.

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