PCD Diamond Grinding Disk


180 mm diameter Polycrystalline Diamond Disk (PCD) for removing hard coatings. Also highly effective on softer materials which could be prone to overheating when worked with traditional grinding disks. More details below.

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This disk is available in 180 mm diameter only and features six large PCD 'chips'. This configuration permits the disk to cut more easily into hard materials; by contrast, a traditional multi-segment diamond disk would fail to penetrate the surface as effectively. For the same reasons, this PCD disk is also very effective at removing softer materials such as tile adhesive, latex or bitumen, which when worked with a traditional multi-segment disk, would tend to overheat and clog the disk.

This 'cup' disk is constructed to the same depressed centre design as traditional diamond grinding disks, so can be used with our G-Tec and G-Tec Allfit Grinding and Sanding Cowls for dust free operation.