SV50i Interceptor


UPDATED SV50i Pre-Separator (or Interceptor) for use with any primary dust extractor. Based on the SV50 cyclonic dust extractor body, but fitted with an internal cyclone-inducing element for maximum pre-separation. Waste collected in re-usable 30 litre bags. Updated design has larger cyclone insert and scaffold mounting hook which doubles as carry handle. More info below ...

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SV50 Cyclonic Interceptor and Pre-Separator
Using an Interceptor or Pre-Separator in conjunction with a dust extractor or 'vacuum'...

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SV50i DOES NOT have a vacuum motor or a filter - if you require a 'full blown' dust extractor, click here for the SV50e.

What's included:

  • SV50i (Interceptor)
  • 2 x 'stubby' adapter hose
  • 10 Waste Collection Bags

The SV50i uses the main elements of the SV50 dust collector, excluding the motor and filter. It has a conical insert within the drum, which maximises the cyclonic action, resulting in more than 80% of dust and debris being collected at this initial stage. It relies upon suction being provided by an external source, usually a portable dust extractor or vacuum.

SV50i is supplied on a non-wheeled trolley with a hook system suitable for fitment on 48 mm scaffold rails. Connection ports accept direct fitment of 50 mm hose; two 'stubby' hoses, terminated on flexible hose cuffs, accept connecting hoses in range of 35 to 40 mm diameter.

SV50i has numerous applications in general construction and maintenance and has also been used with factory-based extraction systems as an interim collection device for recovering re-usable material.

Feature Information
Storage capacity 30 litres
Hose 2 x 20 cm length; 50 mm diameter; 38 mm hose cuff fitted
Weight 11 kg
Height 98 cm
Width 31 cm
Depth 34 cm

"Today, Friday, was the first real day I have used the SV50i Interceptor. Until now, down time has been almost every 20-30 minutes cleaning out the vac unit which had become choked with dust and to date ruined two motors on this vac in less than 5 months. The vac always became very hot and usually I would have to leave it to cool down, again for about 20 minutes. This meant that for every hour I would only get around 20 mins or so actual work progress.

Today I hooked up the SV50i Interceptor and used the grinder for 30 mins and checked the vac. To my amazement there was little to nothing in the vac tank and the filter was almost clean. From there on I have been grinding for almost 6 hours without a break. The Interceptor has collected two full bags of grinding waste and still little more than a mug full in the vac tank. The vac has run at full suction all day and has not overheated. Today I have got more done in 6 hours than I would have previously done in several days.

Delivery was excellent, unit received within two days. My only regret is that I didn't find this unit months before. I am very happy with the unit and the service received. Thank you all very much."

Dave - March 2012