M Class Dust Extractor - SV50e

Updated Design - M Class updates plus new hose, fittings and combined Lifting Handle/Scaffold Hook. 1400 watt, single motor, cyclonic-action Dust Extractor with on-board filter cleaner, bagged waste collection and 5 metre hose range. For dry materials. Available as 110V and 240V. More details below ...

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SV50 M Class Dust Extractor
M Class Dust Extractor - SV50e

£ 484.00 (excl. VAT)£ 580.80 (inc. VAT)

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What's included:

  • SV50e Dust Extractor - choose 110 or 240 volt at time of order
  • 5 metre x 38 mm diameter hose (wire reinforced)
  • 10 waste collection bags

SV50e is a robust, highly portable dust extractor for dry materials, featuring a moulded body on a sturdy steel chassis, being highly durable, yet of manageable size and weight. The cyclonic action arising from the shaped body, allied to an M Class tapered cartridge filter, ensures the minimum amount of dust comes into contact with the filter. SV50e has a simple yet highly effective ‘reverse pulse’ filter cleaning facility, the convenience of bagged waste collection and is notably quiet compared to dust extractors of equivalent size and power. Suitable for Dust Control on power tools used for Cutting, Chasing, Brick Raking, Sanding, Grinding, Sawing, Planing, Routing etc.
Scaffold Hook suitable for 48 mm diameter rails

M Class Compliance Summary:

  • M Class filter - existing feature
  • Airflow (blocked filter) warning light - new feature
  • Integral filter cleaning - existing feature
  • Secure containment and disposal of dust and debris - external bagging system - existing feature
  • Filter protection - high quality tapered filter in cyclone-inducing body - existing feature

SV50e closely resembles the original TV50 product, as launched in July 2001. The original cyclone-inducing body design, integral 'air pulse' filter cleaning and external bagging system are still very relevant and significantly contribute to current M Class compliance. The cartridge filter has been upgraded at various times to meet then current specifications and various external details have seen changes as a result of feedback from users. The dust control and extraction performance of the product in construction applications is thoroughly proven and the long service life enjoyed by the majority of users is testament to the relevance of the design and the durability of the delivered units.

Feature Information
Filter Cleaning Reverse Air Pulse
Filter M Class teflon-coated pleated cartridge filter
Storage capacity 30 litres
Hose 5 metre x 38 mm diameter, wire-reinforced
Weight 17 kg
Height 112 cm
Width 44 cm
Depth 46
Power 1400 watt; 110 or 240 volt