SV30 M Class Dust Extractor

Single motor SV30 M Class Dust Extractor with electric filter shaker and power tool socket. Available as both 110V and 240V

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What's included:

  • SV30 Dust Extractor
  • Extractor hose

Traditional compact dust extractor with cartridge filter, electro-mechanical filter cleaner (shaker) and auto switching power tool socket for devices up to 1100 watt. Suitable for light construction work and use with 115 & 125 mm angle grinders, fitted with dust control cowls, for raking, chasing, grinding and sanding. Optional tool kit comprises floor cleaning tools, brush attachment, crevice tool and stepped adapter.

SV30 is a traditional compact dust extractor with motor and filter fitted on top of the collector tank. The electro-mechanical filter cleaning mechanism is self-adjusting, hence requires no maintenance.

Filter cleaning can be triggered automatically when the power tool is switched off. In this mode, the vacuum motor will first rid the hose of any material before activating the filter shaker.
If the power tool socket is not being used, filter cleaning is activated using the 3 position selector sited next to the On-Off power switch.
The power tool socket will support attached devices up to 1100 watt, making it suitable for all 115 mm angle grinders, some 125 mm models and a wide range of general construction power tools.

The optional accessory kit (see Accessories/Related) comprises a floor-head with both flat and brush-edged covers, two extension tubes, a crevice tool, a round brush and a stepped hose adapter.

Feature Information
Filter Cleaning electro-mechanical shaker; auto or manual switched
Filter pleated cartridge
Storage capacity 35 litre
Hose 3 metre x 38 mm diameter
Weight 13 kg
Height 80 cm
Width 39 cm
Depth 43 cm
Power 1250 watt