Dust Extractors

We provide industrial and construction specification dust extractors, vacuums and 'hoovers' with a range of waste collection facilities and accessories, all available to buy online. Attaching a dust extractor or ‘hoover’ to a suitably shielded power tool or static machine can capture the majority of dust and waste products before they become dispersed into the atmosphere. Unlike the coarse materials normally collected by general purpose vacuums, wood, mortar and concrete dusts may be fine and dense. The dust extractors we list are specified for high intensity applications commonly experienced within construction works.

The SV30 dust extractor is a traditional cylinder vacuum, with the motor and filter sitting on top of the waste bin. It is suitable for a wide range of construction tasks, equipped with an electrically-operated filter cleaner and has the facility to power and control the attached power tool.

The SV50 range of M Class cyclonic dust extractors have unique and widely recogniseable design elements that are applied across various configurations. Most notably, they have external waste bagging, enhanced performance arising from cyclonic design features and a 'reverse pulse' filter cleaning facility. Filtration is to Class M specification using a teflon-coated cartridge filter.

A variety of other industrial specification vacuums are available, some of which feature on the website and are available to buy online. If you feel your application might not be addressed by the products on display, please contact us to discuss your requirements.