SV50 Range - Portable Dust Extractor

All SV50 products use the same roto-moulded polyethylene body and external waste bagging system as featured on the 2001 launch model. Available as a non-powered pre-separator, a single motor fully-featured M Class dust extractor or a combination of the former. These products are suited to intensive dust control operations and, as a guide, will service all Sunrise Tools dust control attachments, up to and including a 230mm C-Tec twin-blade set-up. Thousands have been shipped worldwide.

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SV50e Dust Extractor

M Class Dust Extractor - SV50e

£514.00 excl. VAT £616.80 incl. VAT

1400 watt, cyclonic-action Dust Extractor for dry material, with on-board filter cleaner, bagged waste collection, 5 metre hose and scaffold attachment hook. Available in 110V and 240 volt - new auto-switch facility on 240 volt model.
Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details on this and other aspects of the product ...

SV50P Dust Extractor with Pre-Separator

SV50P Dust Extractor with Interceptor

£802.40 excl. VAT £962.88 incl. VAT

1400 watt, single motor, cyclonic dust extractor with additional pre-separator (interceptor) stage. On-board filter cleaner, dual bagged waste collection and 5 metre hose range. For dry materials. Available as 110 volt and 240 volt - 240 volt model has additional Auto-switch facility. Limited Warranty applies to part of this product - see More Info below for further details ...

SV50 Interceptor

SV50i Interceptor

£363.30 excl. VAT £435.96 incl. VAT

UPDATED SV50i Pre-Separator (or Interceptor) for use with any primary dust extractor. Based on the SV50 cyclonic dust extractor body, but fitted with an internal cyclone-inducing element for maximum pre-separation. Waste collected in re-usable 30 litre bags. Updated design has larger cyclone insert and scaffold mounting hook which doubles as carry handle. More info below ...

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SV50 Vacuum Head (Complete)

SV50 M Class Vacuum Head (complete assembly)

£143.75 excl. VAT £172.50 incl. VAT

Replacement vacuum motor assembly for SV50e and SV50P. Available in 110 and 240 volt - 240 volt model fitted with Auto-switch facility. Fitted with warning light to indicate reduced airflow (usually blocked filter) as required for M Class compliant equipment. Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details ...

SV50 Bag Strap Assembly

SV50 Bag Strap Assembly

£14.00 excl. VAT £16.80 incl. VAT

This elasticated cord assembly is placed over the polythene waste bag. Pull the end of the cord through the alloy ferrule to tighten the waste bag to the extractor body. 

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Superflex Hose Cuff - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£3.05 excl. VAT £3.66 incl. VAT

Superflex flexible polyurethane screw-on Hose Cuffs ONLY FIT on Superflex Hose - see Related Items at foot of this page.

Hose diameter listed is both the internal size of the cuff and the nominal size of the attaching Superflex hose

Superflex Dust Extraction Hose - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£4.58 excl. VAT £5.50 incl. VAT

Superflex wire-reinforced flexible hose for dust extraction applications. Supplied in 32, 38 or 50 mm diameter in 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths - add a note to order if you require lengths combined (max. length 15 metres)

See matching Superflex Hose Cuffs in Related Items at foot of this page.  Superflex Hose Cuffs protect hose ends from fraying, provide connection to appropriately-sized extraction outlets on powertools and act as push-fit connectors between adjacent hose sizes e.g. 32 mm to 38 mm