Dust Extractors

We provide industrial and construction specification dust extractors, vacuums and 'hoovers' with a range of waste collection facilities and accessories, all available to buy online. Attaching a dust extractor or ‘hoover’ to a suitably shielded power tool or static machine can capture the majority of dust and waste products before they become dispersed into the atmosphere. Unlike the coarse materials normally collected by general purpose vacuums, wood, mortar and concrete dusts may be fine and dense. The dust extractors we list are specified for high intensity applications
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£599.00 excl. VAT £718.80 incl. VAT

Twin-motor, Wet & Dry industrial vacuum, with pre-separator shield for coarse materials, teflon-coated 'star' filter and manual filter shaker

SV121 Cyclonic Dust Extractor

SV121 Cyclone Dust Extractor / Collector

£803.00 excl. VAT £963.60 incl. VAT

Industrial specification twin motor cyclone dust extractor / dust collector, 110 or 240 volt, for dry materials. Heavy duty steel chassis with 65 litre wheel-away waste bin. Fitted with Teflon-coated 'star' filter (with filter shaker) and Class M cartridge filter. Supplied with 5 metre x 50 mm heavy duty hose. Detailed specification below.

SV50e Dust Extractor

M Class Dust Extractor - SV50e

£514.00 excl. VAT £616.80 incl. VAT

1400 watt, cyclonic-action Dust Extractor for dry material, with on-board filter cleaner, bagged waste collection, 5 metre hose and scaffold attachment hook. Available in 110V and 240 volt - new auto-switch facility on 240 volt model.
Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details on this and other aspects of the product ...

SV30 Dust Extractor

SV30 M Class Dust Extractor

£430.97 excl. VAT £517.16 incl. VAT

Single motor SV30 M Class Dust Extractor with electric filter shaker, auto-sensing power tool socket and accessories kit. Available as both 110V and 240V. Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details.

SV50P Dust Extractor with Pre-Separator

SV50P Dust Extractor with Interceptor

£802.40 excl. VAT £962.88 incl. VAT

1400 watt, single motor, cyclonic dust extractor with additional pre-separator (interceptor) stage. On-board filter cleaner, dual bagged waste collection and 5 metre hose range. For dry materials. Available as 110 volt and 240 volt - 240 volt model has additional Auto-switch facility. Limited Warranty applies to part of this product - see More Info below for further details ...

SV30 Floorcare and Accessory kit

SV30 Accessory Kit

£33.00 excl. VAT £39.60 incl. VAT

Economy dust extractor tool kit comprising 3 piece floor wand, floor head with alternative 'edges', brush, crevice tool and hose adapter

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SV50 Interceptor

SV50i Interceptor

£363.30 excl. VAT £435.96 incl. VAT

UPDATED SV50i Pre-Separator (or Interceptor) for use with any primary dust extractor. Based on the SV50 cyclonic dust extractor body, but fitted with an internal cyclone-inducing element for maximum pre-separation. Waste collected in re-usable 30 litre bags. Updated design has larger cyclone insert and scaffold mounting hook which doubles as carry handle. More info below ...

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SV50 M Class Cartridge Filter

£61.00 excl. VAT £73.20 incl. VAT

M Class Cartridge Filter for use with SV50 / SV50P / TV50 / TV50P / TV50T 

Revised design introduced early 2021 to achieve improved blow-back cleaning performance. This item backward compatible with all SV50 variants.

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SV30 Filter Bag

£2.35 excl. VAT £2.82 incl. VAT

Single use filter bag to SUPPLEMENT (not replace) the M Class cartridge filter. 
Purchase in singles or packs of 5 through drop-down selector.
See More Info below for further details ...

SV50 Vacuum Head (Complete)

SV50 M Class Vacuum Head (complete assembly)

£143.75 excl. VAT £172.50 incl. VAT

Replacement vacuum motor assembly for SV50e and SV50P. Available in 110 and 240 volt - 240 volt model fitted with Auto-switch facility. Fitted with warning light to indicate reduced airflow (usually blocked filter) as required for M Class compliant equipment. Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details ...