Other Dust Extractors

We have access to a wide range of industrial-specification dust filtration and waste collection systems, including interceptors and pre-separators. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to locate a suitable product.
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MaxVac DV35-MB - M Class Wet & Dry Vacuum

£475.35 excl. VAT £570.42 incl. VAT

DV35-MB is an M Class, single motor vacuum, 110 or 240 volt.
Start-Stop control is via an On-Off rocker switch or through a Power Tool (connected to the Power Take-off).
A simple push-button provides On-demand filter cleaning, even with the motor running; Auto Filter cleaning occurs when the Tool in the Power Take-off socket stops.
A fleece filter bag simplifies handling of the waste materials, whilst also providing an additional level of air filtration. 
See More Info below for further details

Superflex Dust Extraction Hose - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£4.58 excl. VAT £5.50 incl. VAT

Superflex wire-reinforced flexible hose for dust extraction applications. Supplied in 32, 38 or 50 mm diameter in 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths - add a note to order if you require lengths combined (e.g.  1 metre plus 2 metre as 3 metre hose; max. length 15 metres)

See matching Superflex Hose Cuffs in Related Items at foot of this page.  Superflex Hose Cuffs protect hose ends, provide connection to extraction outlets on powertools and act as push-fit connectors between hose sizes e.g. 32 mm to 38 mm

Superflex Hose Cuff - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£3.05 excl. VAT £3.66 incl. VAT

Superflex flexible polyurethane screw-on Hose Cuffs ONLY FIT on Superflex Hose - see Related Items at foot of this page.

Hose diameter listed is both the internal size of the cuff and the nominal size of the attaching Superflex hose

SV121 Cyclonic Dust Extractor

SV121 Cyclone Dust Extractor / Collector

£989.00 excl. VAT £1,186.80 incl. VAT

Industrial specification twin motor cyclone dust extractor / dust collector, 110 or 240 volt, for dry materials. Heavy duty steel chassis with 65 litre wheel-away waste bin. Fitted with Teflon-coated 'star' filter (with filter shaker) and Class M cartridge filter. Supplied with 5 metre x 50 mm heavy duty hose. Detailed specification below.