SparkBuster Cutting Guard


Angle grinder safety cutting guard with sprung blade cover and optional extractor port, for selected 115mm & 125mm angle grinders. Safer alternative to unguarded metal cutting disks.

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Sparkbuster Safety Cutting Guard
Angle grinder safety cutting guard with sprung blade cover, for selected 115 & 125 mm angle...

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SparkBuster is an aftermarket accessory to fit selected Bosch, Makita and Hitachi 115mm and 125mm grinders. For compatibility, see Which Grinders Will Fit? tab.

Its primary use is in providing a safe method of using toothed cutting blades on angle grinders. A spring-operated blade cover limits the portion of exposed blade during cutting - when not in use, the sprung cover extends to cover most of the blade. SparkBuster is also highly effective in controlling sparks created when cutting metal.

SparkBuster can be used with toothed metal cutting blades or abrasive cutting disks. Its applications are not limited to metal cutting and a dust extraction outlet is provided as part of the kit so that dust generating products such as wood, concrete and plastics can also be worked.

Grinder Brand Model
Bosch GWS 6-115, GWS 7-115 (E)
Hitachi G12SS, G12SR3, G13SR3
Makita 9554NB, 9558NB, GA4530

If your grinder is not listed but you think it might be compatible, please call us on: 01794 830 841 and we will do our best to advise you.