Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing Cowl


Dust free cutting, chasing and raking cowl for selected 115 mm & 125 mm angle grinders, for purchase online. Will accept diamond cutting and raking blades to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm width. Semi-transparent body and depth settings on metal base plate. 34 mm dust outlet. More details below ....

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£ 59.00 (excl. VAT)£ 70.80 (inc. VAT)

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Cyclone is an angle grinder dust control guard, suitable for dustless diamond cutting, chasing and raking. It can be fitted to a wide range of 115 or 125 mm angle grinders, using the various screw-on connectors provided - see Which Grinders Will Fit? tab for relevant makes and models. It will accept blades up to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm thick (typically used for joint raking) and has an adjustable baseplate, with sighting guides, for control of the cutting or raking depth. Dust outlet has an external diameter of 34 mm; a flexible rubber cuff is provided to bridge the vacuum hose to the dust port.

SV30 and SV50e dust extractors will ensure dust-free working.

If you are engaged in intensive brick raking, you should take note of the alternative metal-bodied 125 mm C-Tec Cutting & Raking Cowl, as it might be better suited to your needs. The C-Tec alternative is configured to fit selected Hitachi, Makita and Bosch angle grinders.

Grinder Brand Model
Bosch GWS Models: 7-115, 7-115E, 8-115, 8-125, 10-125, 11-125CI/CIE, 14-125CI/CIE/CIT/Inox, 15-125CIH/CIEH/CITH
De Walt D Series: 28113, 28113K, 28117, 28135K, 28065, 28134, DWE4050
Flex L3309/125, L3309FR, L3309FRG, L3410FR, L3410VR
Hitachi G12 Models: SN, SQ, VA, SS, SA3, SR3
G13 Models: SN, SQ, YF, VA, SS, SB3, SR3
Makita 9564CV/H/PZ & 9565CV/H/PZ
NB Models: 9553, 9554, 9555, 9557, 9558
GA Models: 4530, 4530KD, 4534, 5034
Metabo 8-125W, 8-125WP
11-125 Models: W, WA, WB, WBA, WE, WP, WPA
14-125 Models: WE, WE/VS, WEA, WEBA, WEP, WEPA, WEPBA
Milwaukee AG12-125X, AGV12-125X, AGV12-125XPD, AGV15-125XC, AGV15-125XE

If your grinder is not listed but you think it might be compatible, please call us on: 01794 830 841 and we will do our best to advise you.