The Cyclone dust-free or dustless angle grinder cowl is a multi-fit product, using a selection of fitting collars to match with a wide range of 115 and 125 mm angle grinders from various manufacturers. Its clear housing and precisely engineered features make it most suitable for detail work, as do the wide depth-adjustable base plate. Cyclone is suitable for use with 115 mm and 125 mm diamond blades, including brick raking or tuck pointing blades, up to 10 mm width.

SV30 and SV50 dust extractors are recommended for dust-free functioning of Cyclone-equipped angle grinders.

Cyclone Cowl

Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing Cowl

£59.00 excl. VAT £70.80 incl. VAT

Dust free cutting, chasing and raking cowl for selected 115 mm & 125 mm angle grinders, for purchase online. Will accept diamond cutting and raking blades to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm width. Semi-transparent body and depth settings on metal base plate. 34 mm dust outlet. More details below ....

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125mm Mortar Raking Blades

125 mm Diamond Mortar Raking Blade

£56.56 excl. VAT £67.87 incl. VAT

Professional quality 125 mm Diamond Mortar Raking blade of European manufacture. 6, 8 & 10 mm widths, all with 10 mm tall diamond segments. Available ex stock to buy online. Select required width from the Blade Size drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button

Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing System

Economy Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing System

£118.99 excl. VAT £142.79 incl. VAT

Fully assembled cutting, chasing or raking system, comprising Cyclone Dust cowl, Makita 125 mm angle grinder and 125 mm diamond blade (if requested). Connect to suitable dust extraction equipment for dust free operation. Select voltage and blade width using the drop-down menus - the default combination is 240 volt with NO BLADE fitted.  More details below ...