Robotron Handheld Magnetic Drain Opener


Clearance Offer on new unused items - Magnetically attached device for medium-duty, ferrous covers and gratings. Has a high leverage unseating facility for stubborn items and a sliding fulcrum for maximum leverage.

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£ 349.00 (excl. VAT)£ 418.80 (inc. VAT)

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Robotron is a hand portable drain opening tool, weighing 7 kg and suitable for unseating and moving metallic covers, as a one person operation. It is supplied with a protective alloy 'shoe' which covers the magnets when not in use, thereby stopping them attaching to nearby metallic objects.

Robotron is fitted with three ‘rare earth’ permanent magnets which require no power or recharging. The magnets are embedded in rubber blocks which permit a degree of movement, thereby promoting maximum contact with the cover surface. Robotron has a high leverage pivot point which can be used to unseat difficult covers and a sliding fulcrum arrangement which maximises mechanical advantage when drawing the cover. 

With Robotron, the emphasis is on unseating, raising and sliding covers and gratings. If a cover requires lifting vertically from its frame, a Manhole Buddy lifting configuration might be more appropriate.

Health and Safety guidance suggests individuals limit regular lifting activity to masses not exceeding 25 kg; infrequent activity may permit an increase on this figure in some circumstances. Pulling or pushing a load will increase the effort required to move such a mass. With all manual handling, a Risk Assessment should be in place for the activity.