VacTec Lifting Attachment


Pump-action vacuum attachment configured for use with a Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley only. See More Info for lifting capacity.

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Manhole Buddy
An introduction to the Manhole Buddy Cover Lifting System

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  • 1x VacTec Lifting Attachment

As with all other Manhole Buddy lifting attachments, the VacTec Vacuum Lifting attachment can be operated on either the Steel or Alloy Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley.

The Manhole Buddy VacTec user manually creates the vacuum by pushing down on the top handle. Repeating this action 3 or 4 times will usually ensure adequate vacuum is established. The condition of the vacuum can be monitored through the gauge fitted on the VacTec; the vacuum can be increased at any time by one or more recharging strokes through the top handle.

The VacTec system relies upon the manual creation and retention of a vacuum by the user. Because a constant vacuum can not be guaranteed at all times, the product is NOT SUITABLE for suspending loads at height or for long periods.

Manhole Buddy VacTec was created for lifting and low-level (maximum 200 mm above ground level) transportation of concrete topped covers, where traditional lifting slots are not available. It has also been shown to be a highly effective at lifting and transporting paving slabs, trench and duct covers.

Feature Information
Weight 6.8kg (inc. carry bag)
Height 430mm (handle pushed in)
Width 300mm (base diameter)