Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley

The Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley makes lifting manhole covers easy. For use with Manhole Buddy Lifting Attachments.

The steel trolley is certified for loads of up to 150 kg.

The alloy trolley is certified for loads of up to 125 kg.

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Manhole Buddy
An introduction to the Manhole Buddy Cover Lifting System

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What's included?

  • 1x Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley (Steel or Alloy)
  • 1x Standard Wheels Pair (200mm diameter)


Two Manhole Buddy trolleys are available, made from Steel or Aluminium. These are convenient to carry and store, yet unfold fully in a matter of seconds, through two simple movements. The stronger steel trolley has the highest Working Load Limit; the lightweight aluminium trolley is still incredibly robust and ideally suited to weight sensitive applications. 

The Manhole Buddy trolley is essentially a mobile lever, pivoting on its wheels and having two lifting points, the forward lifting hook for balanced lifting and carriage of covers and a pair of High Leverage lifting pins through which the cover unseating capability is accessed. The Manhole Buddy trolley design delivers a mechanical advantage of just over 2.3:1 through the forward lifting hook, so a modest downward force of 25 kg on the trolley handle, translates into a lifting effort approaching 60 kg at the other end. The High Leverage lifting pins are positioned to deliver a mechanical advantage greater than 5:1 which means the 25 kg downward effort inputted by the user translates into a lifting force greater than 125 kg.

The mechanical advantage delivered by the lifting trolley, allied to a layout which keeps the operator distant from the cover and the open chamber, makes the product inherently safe for lone workers. 

Using a Manhole Buddy, an average build person will comfortably lift a cover equal to their own weight on a regular basis.

Feature Information
Weight Steel Trolley - 16 kg. Alloy Trolley: 8 kg.
Folded Height 310mm
Trolley Length 910 mm folded; 1930 mm unfolded
Net Lifting Capacity 125kg (Alloy) / 150kg (Steel)