On this page you will find a collection of documents, links and other information about some of our product ranges.


The homepage for the UK Health & Safety Executive, through which you can access information on many and varied topics.


HSE Lifting -
A Health and Safety Executive general advice document entitled: “Making the best use of lifting and handling aids”

Manhole Buddy User Guide
Advice and instruction on all variants of the Manhole Buddy product


Construction Information Sheet No. 36
This document highlights the dangers associated with Silica. Crystalline Silica is a significant component in concrete and mortars. This sheet provides useful information on recommended maximum exposure levels (MELs) and comparative risks in different construction activities.

Woodworking Sheet No.1
This document provides general information on hazards inherent in working with woods and precautions that should be taken.


Quikpoint Operator's Manual
Assembly and user instructions, plus spare parts listing