Quikpoint PLUS Auger Replacement Kit

Comprehensive service kit containing HARDENED replacement auger, spacing washers, auger sleeve, sleeve screws and fully assembled tip blade set, including the blade coupling. Choose Orange or Yellow kit depending on age of your Quikpoint - see drop-down menu alongside for changeover date

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£ 53.31 (excl. VAT)£ 63.97 (inc. VAT)

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What's included:

Replacement Auger Barrel and securing screws - see drop-down menu for age/colour identifier
Hardened Auger and spacing washers
Assembled Tip Blade Set including the blade coupling

The auger within the Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun is a natural wear part. Similarly, the Auger Barrel, or Sleeve, will wear with use. Typically, an auger sleeve will be serviceable for the lifetime of two or three replaced augers. On offering a new auger to an existing Auger Barrel, it will quickly be obvious if the Auger Barrel is still serviceable or needs replacement.

Mid 2012, the Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Hopper was modified as was the Auger Barrel/Sleeve. Prior to this date, an orange sleeve was fitted; after mid 2012, the sleeve is yellow. A quick look inside your Quikpoint will confirm which item is needed