Quikpave Paving Attachment with Makita Drill

Quikpave drill attachment, fitted to Makita drill, for effortless pointing and grouting of large paved areas. Supplied with spares kit and aluminium mortar scoop. 

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What's included:

  • Quikpave drill attachment and Makita 6510LVR low-speed mains rotary drill (drill not attached on delivery)
  • Aluminium mortar scoop
  • Five nozzles
  • Two spare tip blade sets
  • Allen key for tip blade fitting
  • Assembly spanner

The Quikpave Jointer or Grouter (also known as the Lightning Grouter) provides the same facilities and benefits as the Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun for anyone wishing to fill paving joints. The design is very similar, with an auger being driven directly by the attached rotary drill.

An auger is used to deliver a consistent flow of mortar, at a speed controlled by the drill trigger, with little risk of mix separation or clogging. The  five nozzles of differing sizes and shapes, allow the mortar or grout to be inserted accurately within the joint, so soiling of surrounding surfaces need not occur. Hopper capacity is approximately 10 litres (2+ gallons). 

The Makita 6510LVR drill is ideally suited to this application due to its low speed, high torque characteristics. It is easy to fit to the drill on receipt of the equipment; it is delivered separate from the attachment to reduce the risk of damage in transit.

The Quikpave will be much faster than trowel filling and more likely to achieve full joint penetration. It will be physically less demanding than hand-held grouting guns (also known as caulking or mastic guns) which rely on continuous hand-generated pressure and are prone to causing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). And since the Quikpave permits the user to stand upright, it is much kinder to the knees and back joints.

Quikpave (and Quikpoint) systems are designed to dispense water-based cementitious or lime mortars. Due to the larger volume of mix that can be loaded into the Quikpave hopper, it is important to mix the mortar more thoroughly, as this will reduce the possibility of plugging. With some mixes, a plasticiser additive may be desirable to ensure free flowing and consistent output.