Nvirol Algae & Moss / Lichen Killer - Concentrate

High performance Algae / Lichen / Moss killer, suitable for exterior and interior use on masonry, walkways, wood decking and other surfaces. Can be applied by sprayer, watering can or brush. Contains no acids or bleaches. See More Info below for further detail. Offered in 1 & 5 litre sizes (1 litre of concentrate, dilutable to maximum 100 litres) - select product size using drop-down menu.

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High performance concentrated algae and moss/lichen killer for exterior and interior uses.
Highly soluble in water and contains no acids or bleaches.
Approved by HSE as both a wood preservative and surface biocide; listed by Natural England suitable for use in Bat roosts. 
Suitable for hard surfaces including:

  • Masonry - brick, stone, concrete and plaster
  • Paths and Walkways - concrete or tarmac
  • Patios and Decking - concrete, brick paving or wood
  • Gravestones and Monuments
  • Tennis Courts and Play Areas

Works on contact and will typically kill mould and other growths in 2-4 days; secondary detergent action will effect gentle cleaning of the surface during following weeks and months.