Crack Sealer Plus

Crack Sealer Plus from Wykamol is a two-part epoxy adhesive suitable for fillings cracks from 2 to 12 mm wide, in brick, blockwork, concrete and render. Offered in Grey and Brick Red - use drop-down menu to select. Cures in 12 hours at normal temperatures to create a high strength waterproof bond. Contents 300 ml. See More Info below for listing of parts in this kit.

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£ 42.98 (excl. VAT)£ 51.58 (inc. VAT)

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Kt contains:

  • 300 ml base resin
  • hardener
  • standard size mastic cartridge
  • 2 & 4 mm injection nozzles
  • nozzle adapter
  • follower plate

Additional tools required/recommended:

  • standard mastic gun
  • pallet knife
  • protective gloves
  • cleaning agent (for cleaning tools on completion)

Crack Sealer Plus is a thixatropic substance.