Masonry Repairs

Cracks in brickwork are generally more than cosmetic so it is important to determine the underlying cause before undertaking remedial works. In practical terms, not only do cracks detract from the appearance of a structure, they also have potential to cause dampness through the ingress of water. We offer a selection of Masonry Repair and Finishing products to complement our Brick Raking and Repointing equipment

Crack Stitch Repairs generally involve the insertion of helical reinforcing rods in the mortar joints adjacent to the damaged area. This requires the mortar joints to be raked-out (for which we supply dust-free systems) and the rods to be inserted in a bed of grout or resin. The joint will then be refilled with regular mortar and finished to match the surrounding area (our Quikpoint and Pointmaster tools)

We offer Brick Sealers for brush or sprayer application, for protection of areas of repair or repointing. These are silicon-based sealers which will form a water-repellent layer on the brick face yet permit the structure to breathe.